Diabetes Care

    Plan Sponsors can make a difference. Help manage the rising prevalence and associated costs of diabetes. Discover how our team of pharmacists and health care practitioners can support the wellbeing of plan members.

    The Impact of Diabetes

    With rising prevalence, the impact of diabetes is affecting an increasing number of Canadians across the country.

    Number of Canadians now living with diabetes and pre-diabetes*

    1 in 3

    Multiplier of medical costs Canadians living with diabetes incur than those without*


    Percentage of prescription drug claim costs have increased in the last decade*


    Support for Plan Sponsors & Plan Members

    The Health Solutions by Shoppers Diabetes Management program is designed to drive behavioral change, improve health outcomes, and reduce benefit plan costs.

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    Accessible pharmacists for health screening (point of care testing), medication reviews, and care.

    Pharmacist helping lady

    Vast network of health care providers who help plan members focus on better personal health management and behavioural changes

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    Ability to offer data and insights so that employers can understand their population

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    Support responsible use of drugs and manage benefit plan costs

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    *Diabetes Canada